Tonight, as I was perusing my own blog history, I started creeping back and back into my Thursday posts.  Now, I knew it had been a while since I posted on THINGS I ♥, but WHOA.  I did not realize it was LAST SEPTEMBER!!!  what the?  It makes sense, though.  Our life went full crazy from then all the way up until now!  I had the majority of my shoots and weddings in the late summer into fall, Emery started preschool and was in swim lessons, we just found out we were expecting our second baby, holidays, we moved twice…then had that forementioned baby 3 months ago, yesterday.  It’s been a fun, tiring, crazy, amazing, blessed journey though!  So, all that to say, thanks for those of you who sometimes even read this thing still.  It means a lot.  I miss the interaction my blog had.  I miss meeting new interwebs friends.  But, at the expense of getting to spend time with my beautiful girls and amazing husband…It’s worth it :-)

Drumroll please….here’s a THINGS I ♥ THURSDAY ramblings!  oh, you know you missed it ;)

1.  I ♥ This letterpress print from The Big Harumph on Etsy.  I ordered it today (along with a few other prints!) and it’s going in my dining room.  I’m really excited about this :)

2.  I ♥ Mustela baby foaming shampoo.  After I give Wren a bath, our whole family literally will sniff Wren’s head for minutes.  It’s the best clean baby smell in the universe.

3.  I ♥ Spoonflower fabrics!  They have some seriously rad designs for fabric.  My shopping cart on there looks a little full at the moment.

4.  I ♥ Sheer Cover makeup!  My sister made me try it and I lover her more for it.  It’s the best makeup in the universe…Leeza Gibbons says so.

5.  I ♥ This Ikea towel rack.  I bought one really similar to it from Ikea, for literally $1.49, had Matt spray paint it a coral pink, and put it in the kitchen.  it looks SO awesome…picture below :)


okay, so you can only see a little bit of it…but you get the idea, right?!  :)

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

xoxo Jackie

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