I’m tired. But, alas, every single Thursday Matt asks me – WITHOUT FAIL – if i’ve done a thursday blog post. So, after so much marital pressure, here it is :)

  1. I ♥ Cucumber water.  SO Refreshing and good.
  2. I ♥ A Fine Frenzy.  She’s incredible and great music to edit to :)
  3. I ♥ Mini Swingline stapler.  I’ve had my red one for a REALLY long time and it’s incredible…an old faithful if you will.
  4. I ♥ Orange Creamsicles.  HOLY MOTHER, i love these things.  Anything in this flavor, i will consume.  Anything.
  5. I ♥ Verizon.  I love Verizon so much, that i will hold out until they get the iphone.  And if you’re a hater who has one and your service is with ATT, just remember…your service is with ATT :) HA.

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