1. I ♥ Bon Iver.  If you don’t like this band, I’m not sure we can be friends.
  2. I ♥ Pallets.  Matt and I are on a pallet furniture kick…AWESOME ideas HERE.
  3. I ♥ THE BIG WHITE BOX.  My friend Jaclyn took these photos of my girls a couple of months ago and I chersih them!
  4. I ♥ This shop on Etsy.  Seriously, how cute is this baby headbad?!
  5. I ♥ (LIKE SUPER LOVE) These Baby Books by Babylit.  Beautiful art + classic literature = WIN. We have the Alice and Eyre…wanting the other 2 to complete the set (WINK ;)


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courtney toney

You know I love me some Bon Iver :)

Those books are my favorite too! However, I think they are too girly for boys… they should make some boyish classics into board books :) Tom Sawyer? Maybe I should email the company :) I give them often as shower & birthday gifts though.

What have you been making out of pallets?


I can’t even tell you how much I love Bon Iver. Lovety love. love love. *Ahem*
-And those babylit books. I don’t really have an excuse to buy them at this point, but I *will* find one.
-And those pictures of your girls. Gah! The cowboy boots? I’m dying.
Ok, fine, I love all of those things! Sheesh!


The girls are getting so big. They are too cute! Funny that you like pallet furniture. I’m surrounded by pallets at work. Who knew they were useful? Well, apparently you did :)

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