A few weeks ago, i had THEE absolute HONOR AND PLEASURE of documenting Joel & Jaime’s sweet, touching and emotional wedding day.  Beth, Jaime’s great sister sent her my way, so i knew  immediately we would already be getting along :)  Their wedding hits extra special close to home.  As they had planned their wedding for next year, they were forced with a decision to move their date up about 9 months as Joel was being deployed over seas for a year.  So, they did what they had to do, planned their wedding in 3 weeks, and did a fantastic job rallying their closest family and friends. Success! Joel and Jaime were married :)  The very next day, Joel deployed as a husband.  I’m getting pretty emotional while making this post because I’m such a patriot and am so grateful for our men and women who defend out country.. Joel, Jaime, and the rest of our armed forces and families- THANK YOU.  Now, enjoy their sweet wedding :)

Jamie got he swords she was wanting!  It was truly a sweet moment :)

J&J- You guys are so special to me and I’m SO honored to have documented your wonderfully sweet wedding.  Blessings upon blessings….

xoxo Jackie



Jackie, the photos are so lovely. Thank you so much for making time to be a part of Jaime and Joel’s special day. We will all cherish these images for years to come!

Tammy Cocco

What beautiful pictures….and a beautiful wonderful day. You captured Jaime and Joel’s wedding day perfectly. Love the rings in the M & M’s and the wedding dress on the hanger……

Stephanie Young

It’s so great you got to do this. I teared up for sure! Beautiful photos =)


So sweet! I cant believe he left the next day… What a lovely day for them to have before.

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