I thought that i could just divulge everything i love about Christmas into this post ..why not, right?!

I am so thankful that Christ came into this world in the most humble fashion to live and die for us.  Matt and I have been teaching Emery all about “baby deesthus” and she is totally enamoured with him- and it melts our hearts. This was Emery’s first experience making Christmas cookies…she liked putting out the flour and pouring sprinkles (the fun stuff). My sister Stephanie was a pro, so i decided to let her be good at the making part and I’ll take the pics :) The decorating part took a *while*, but it was super fun!


Here’s Emery’s “baby deesthus” that she made at kid’s church.  SO CUTE!  I’m planning on shellacking it and keeping it forever to bring out every year :)  And, our new white tree which is not finished being decorated since i need a new array of fun ornaments for the look it gives.  It’s called after-Christmas-sale :)tree

Just bought this album on Itunes today…it’s fantastic Christmas music :)Picture 4

REALLY GOOD hot chocolate form Chuao Chocolatier…my fave :)Picture 5

Matt and i decided that we want a vintage Nativity/manger scene for next Christmas.  i don’t even know where i grabbed this image, but i LOVE this one!…except they’re missing a baby Jesus?!  :(Picture 8

Last night we went to see “Christmas lights”, but it looked more like Disneyland…Emery was amping and loved every single thing!  This will definitely be a Wonders family tradition, along with cookie-making and unwrapping baby Jesus in the manger scene on Christmas morning :) (also, please forgive the P&S camera pics…blech).MOM AND EMSMOM AND EMS 2

I hope you and your family have a super, duper Merry Christmas and joyous holiday season!

Love, Jackie

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