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330 PLAN

I’m LAME-O. I haven’t blogged for a whole week!!! i guess i had good reason, seeing as i was sick on Friday and had a fantastic Mother’s day weekend. Those two things alone are a dangerous concoction for a lazy Jackie- not.good. Then, if that wasn’t enough, my parents recently moved and brought over my… Read more »


I guess there’s a theme for Things i ♥ Thursday today: RED!  i didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did :) Enjoy!  *btw- i had some a ree-dunculous time not using the heart, that i’m just gonna digress and use it again, sorry (but not really :) Things i ♥: 1. i ♥… Read more »


Whenever i watch her dance and clap to music, hear her sing along to “Jesus Loves Me”, see her little face light up when i ask her if she wants dessert or to watch an Elmo video, i try and hold it together and to not bawl my eyes out(like i’m doing right now) because… Read more »